Microsoft Project

Every company has a different way of handling their projects and maintain specific standards to ensure they are kept that way.

Microsoft Project Online

When you compare the price of cloud software, it would be decidedly less when compared to an On-Premise PM2eazy because your company would be only paying for PM2eazy while we maintain the servers for you. If you are willing to upgrade your plan, just by making payments, you could access our modules on the go.

All your valuable information is saved in the cloud server, and the possibilities for data leakage are very less. Now you would be able to access our PM2eazy software at any place and on any device. Always be able to control your projects and if your employees’ work from home, they would be able to integrate their project progress from home.

Microsoft Project On-Premise

With a one time cost to create your server for PM2eazy, you could always have your server under your control. The other best advantage is that, if there are any specific requirements for your company, we can update them for you continually. Increase the level of security for your company because, with the firewall in your hand, no critical data would leave your company premises.

You can choose from either of our options and use them as you want to control your projects more efficiently because we understand how your needs are different.

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