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Microsoft Products - Project Management

The working of the projects from the Visual Effects industry would be different from that of an IT Solutions industry. This includes the way Project Managers and other Administrators handling capabilities to be different from the others. By understanding this, create different templates suiting to your projects with best industry practices so that you move in the right direction.

Templates allow your company to understand the quality that is required to meet their specifications for different clients and help you adhere to it. Gantt charts and other pulldown menus are always at your disposal to reduce the training time to understand the software completely, thus simplifying the project planning process.

Even though there may be many projects in your hands, customize every project with their timelines so that projects do not overlap with each other. Share the result with clients and other distinguished representatives of the project with confidentiality.

Portfolio Management

We help you analyze the best strategy inclined explicitly to your projects by understanding the requirements of the project. The portfolio is also created to suit the best budgetary standard for the project and analyze the resources available in your organization.

Power BI

Use various tools to understand the value of your portfolios. Power BI Pro can be integrated with your resources, and brilliant data is created and analyzed for progressive reporting.

Innovative Reports

Reporting is an essential factor in project management. With brilliant graphics to help you create reports concerning any part of the organization, no information would go unnoticed.

Resource Management

Request for accurate resources

Allocate every resource to its designated position to complete the project way before its deadline.

Visuals are everything

Use heat maps to view how well the projects are moving and identify resources about their work input and other valuable data.

Best of Analytics

Analyze the complete potential of your projects and come up with solutions that value more than the project. Compare every data along with our built-in reports to monitor your projects and address the errors in them accurately.

Efficient Collaboration

Collaborate with teams with Skype, Chat and other tools for seamless productivity and better workflow of your projects. With various industries to work on, we help your projects receive a personalized touch for better potentials and outcomes.

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