PMO Consulting and Project Resourcing

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  • Our resourcing team is 100% focused on transformation, project, programme, and PMO related roles, so you get the correct people at the precise time. We pride ourselves on being ready to give you a wholesome approach through actionable guidance and support.
  • Supports knowledge on current and developing professional and business developments/trends for the selected area(s) of accountability, evaluate the impact and collaborates with administrators to incorporate latest trends and developments in current and projected solutions.
  • Directs and intensifies organizational initiatives by confidently influencing and promoting change management and/or departmental/enterprise initiatives within the designated area(s) of responsibility.
  • Contributes subject matter expertise to internal/external stakeholders on multiple assignments/projects for his/her authorized area(s) of liability.
  • Provides appropriate training to business associates and gives honest and clear feedback to assist in the development of talent.
  • Provides leadership to continuously enhance the capacity and outcomes for his/her assigned area(s) of responsibility.
  • Identifies and estimates emerging complicated issues and reports issue timely to the appropriate level of supervision and/or enterprise stakeholders.
  • Collaborates produces and maintains relationships with important stakeholders including various levels of administration within the industry and external accountants
  • Partners with colleagues in other areas and beyond groups of businesses to help the performance of the overall aimed SOX controls.
  • Communicates efficiently, both orally and in written form, economic issues identified and potential areas for improvement.
  • Directs, leads and/or engages in projects for his/her assigned field(s) of accountability.
  • Proven capability to transform complex concepts into well-structured processes and exhibitions/reports

Resourcing - We recruit all levels and disciplines of project professionals including:

  • Transformation Consultants
  • Programme Managers / Directors
  • Project Managers / Directors
  • Agile staff
  • PMO Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Benefit Managers
  • Organisational Change Managers
  • Master Schedulers
  • Project Engineers
  • Business Process Re-engineers
  • Project Coordinators / Administrators
  • Project Management support staff
  • Contract Administrators

When correctly performed, project integration administration ensures evenly run and combined project processes. Like all information areas in project management, project integration has particular processes the project administrator will use. Do not worry knowledge areas with processes. A data area is a group of knowledge, processes, and deliverables wanted in a specific specialty. Methods are the actions also steps taken to accomplish an inevitable result.

As an example, an image of a technician repairing a washing machine. The technician is skilled in the knowledge area of apparatus repair. The technician uses distinct steps, or methods, to estimate the machine, such as unplugging it before initiating the motor case.

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