Project Management Portal

Project Management Portal

Project Management Portal is a Project Management software, capable of handling every project with ease and seamless tracking of every critical function like Bug tracking, Project Health, Document Sharing and much more to give you more sense of control and to make calculated decisions on your projects.

Total Projects

View the entire project history with the timeline of completed, on-going tasks, projects on hold, in the proposal stage and much more so that your organization would get a better idea of the projects that must be completed on time.

Project Health

By calculating the entire project history, estimate the health of your projects with many factors like bug tracking and control the outcome of your project with more quality.

Project Type vs. count

Categorize every project based on its nature and the total number of projects in hand. With this module, you would be able to understand the tasks that must be needed to complete the projects, way ahead of time.

Timeline of Projects

Every project requires a certain amount of staff-days to complete it on time. With pre-loaded graphs, administrators would be able to understand which project must need more emphasis and which project is going well on track. You would also be able to view which projects are still incomplete and have used excess staff days.


The summary page is like an intensive dashboard giving you every detail of the projects in your hand. You would be able to view the names of the project manager involved for specific projects and also the team members involved along with the client’s information.

The other details you would be able to find here are:

  • Man days involved (Planned and Actual)
  • Test Case Execution Report
  • Defect Summary
  • Defects priority

You would be able to create comprehensive reports with our pre-loaded report creation and upload it to your team members or clients for better transparency.


Save all the required documents and also use this as a document sharing system. By doing this, your team members never waste time for searching for files. Every project has a different folder so that organizations can never be confused about which file to use.


Emphasize the most critical risks that must be dealt with by your projects efficiently. With simplified chars, you would be able to visualize your projects with various colors. Now, your information transfers would be streamlined more than ever.


Now every bug in your work can be seen and understood in the test case execution report. The defects summary allows you to view open defects and the completed ones and you could also set the priority for the flaws along with categorizing the type of error involved in your project.

Every detail about the bugs can be seen along with their names of your team members, the amount of time the bug is still in an open state and the resource task summary. You could also create comprehensive reports and send it to the required team members for simplified information transfer.


View every task from the projects along with the date of start and the end date. Along with this information, you also would be able to see the time taken by the team to complete the project. With this information, you could find how many days did the team complete the project along with its actual plan.

Release process

When after all the factors are fulfilled, this is the most enjoyable part. You could release your project for real-time use. When you have completed all the phases, your project would be bug-free even when the quality of your project not compromised.

With all these modules, your projects would be more streamlined and more efficient. Never your projects would fail in the market, ever because PMP controls every feature of your project and ensures the quality of it.

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